Just FYI: breastfeeding can cause high cholesterol!

Educate you doctor, guys.

Hey, ya’ll. I have been EBF a huge baby boy for five months. I have had some postpartum thyroid issues that caused my doctor to do a complete panel of blood tests. Well, this morning I got dragged into her office and told I have extremely elevated cholesterol.

My doctor was incredibly alarmed, and gave me pamphlets about genetic high cholesterol and the dangers of early onset heart disease in women. I got a low cholesterol (!) meal plan. My doctor and her nurse were both scratching their heads the entire time, because I have no history of anything like this. I am 5’9 and 125 pounds, a runner, and primarily a vegetarian. She was basically apologizing to me for giving me the literature, and saying how sorry she was that I had this problem to deal with.

My doctor knows I am breastfeeding. I tell her every visit, right before she closes out my chart.

Obviously, I left the office in some distress. I ran through my family history. I blamed myself for my chocolate habit. I wondered if chocolate even has cholesterol in it. I blamed myself for stupidity.

But it took like five seconds with Google scholar to realize that lactation causes your entire blood lipid profile to become elevated, and it is not even recommended that lactating women have blood lipids tested. Major duh. You need the cholesterol to make fatty delicious breastmilk.

I don’t need a low-cholesterol diet. I need a new doctor :(

Check our this excerpt from a 1992 (ancient in medical sciences!) study:

“In the 27 mothers who were exclusively breast-feeding their infants at 9 months of lactation and whose serum cholesterol levels were measured 2 months after the end of lactation, cholesterol levels increased rapidly to 5.7 +/- 0.21 mmol/L (P = .001). In the subgroup of 34 mothers who were examined more closely, the course just described was also true for serum TG, LDL and VLDL cholesterol, and LDL apo B levels.”

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Web Logging

Well, today is the day I have decided that coming up with reasons not to blog is more difficult than actual blogging.

In the interval of time since I set up this domain (a little over a year), I have seen a lot of change in my life.  I got pregnant (and subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby boy after more than 42 weeks…more on that later).  My husband and I decided to move away from Brooklyn, and we have since relocated twice.  I took a new job, which is far removed from (and pays a lot better than) my previous grind in a large New York City law firm.  Now, I do a combination of telecommuting and travel, and function primarily as a consultant.  Things are great for my family.

This isn’t my first rodeo, so I want to set some ground rules and make promises to my readers.  If by chance you are reading this at some future date because you have an issue with my blog, just know that my intentions are good.  (Dear Future Self:  sorry in advance for putting you in this position).  So….

1.  I will not use this blog as a personal or family chronicle, filling it with myriad family photos and tedious updates on my mental state.  Because nobody likes that.

2.  I have not completely eliminated the idea of monetizing this blog, but I will make sure to leave the focus on spontaneous and heart-felt writing that I enjoy creating.

3.  I will not write to any particular audience.

4.  I will not discuss anything political, if I can at all help it.  Sorry, I don’t consider feminist issues to be “political.”

So, there you have it.  I plan to fill this space with advice and hacks for the type of life I lead.  That means fitness and nutrition, health, pregnancy and natural childbirth, dog ownership, fashion, beauty, law and legal theory, work-life balance, and living in my new hometown.

Please take heed:  I am possibly the world’s laziest runner, I probably do yoga for selfish reasons, I only accidentally gave birth without drugs, I mistakenly adopted a special-needs Border Collie, I dress like Jackie Kennedy on a heroin bender, and I am a dilettante of a lawyer.  My New Yorker husband and I recently moved from the heart of hipster Brooklyn to downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

With all that said, hi.  I’m Regn.  Here is a bad webcam photo of me: